Credit: Mendel University

Two New Bike Trails To Be Established In Mendel University Forests

The Masaryk Forest School of Křtiny (ŠLP Křtiny) has concluded a contract for the establishment and operation of two new cycling trails in the Mendel University forests, with the Zamilectrejls association, which manages the sports area for mountain bikes in ​​Zamilovaný hájek, and with the Brno Freestyle Association, which includes the nearby Dirtjump Zamilec. 

Both sports associations are located within Brno, in the boroughs of Řečkovice and Královo Pole respectively. The contracts will apply for ten years.

Among other things, the contracts define the obligations of the operators in the event of damage to trees around the trail, the installation of information boards about the conditions of use, the times when the trail should not be used to allow animals to have sufficient peace to graze, and the procedure in situations where ŠLP Křtiny may otherwise need to exercise the right of hunting, mining or other forms of forest management.

Landscaping of the tracks was preceded by the felling of dangerous trees in the winter months. 

Credit: Mendel University

“Extensive logging of dry and semi-dry trees and other interventions that the forest needs took place,” explained Ivo Březina, director of the Vranov forest. “At the same time, we have prepared safe conditions for visitors to the new tracks.” 

ŠLP Křtiny has been dealing with illegal single trails in the MENDELU forests for a long time, but about two years ago, it approached those who had built the illegal bike trails in Zamilovány hájek and offered to cooperate in establishing legal ones. 

By the end of 2022, ŠLP Křtiny had registered 28 kilometres of illegal single trails, including in national nature reserves, where pedestrians and cyclists are only permitted to move along marked routes. The company will gradually remove these other illegal trails.

“We decided to meet the Brno cycling fans head-on and legalise two trails in the area of Zamilovány hájek and the forests above it, which are located in the Vranov forest of ŠLP Křtiny,” explained Petra Packová, who coordinated the agreement between ŠLP Křtiny and the Zamilectrejls association.

The area for MTB cycling below the shooting range in Zamilovaný hájek, with ten tracks of varying difficulty, is managed by the Zamilectrejls association, while the second legalised cycling trail is managed by Dirtjump Zamilec, a site for various types of freestyle cycling and mountain bikes. 

Director of ŠLP Křtiny Tomáš Vrška and manager of Dirtjump Zamilec Bohuslav Švéda. Photo: Mendel University

“The cooperation with ŠLP was problem-free,” said Bohuslav Švéda, manager of Dirtjump Zamilec. “Dirtjump Zamilec is not intended only for advanced riders. There will be a small pump track and simpler jumps for beginners, who will also have a good time here.” 

“I would especially like to thank Mendel University, and thus ŠLP Křtiny, for the perfect approach and help in the legalisation of this sports venue,” said Dominik Fiala on behalf of the Zamilectrejls association. “The sports field will serve all people who enjoy cycling and jumping here and there. In the future, MTB cycling classes for children will be organised here, as well as downhill races.” 

Director of ŠLP Křtiny Tomáš Vrška and chairman of Zamilectrejls association Dominik Fiala. Credit: Mendel University
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