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South Moravian Region To Provide CZK 27 Million In Subsidies for Cultural Heritage Projects In 2023

The South Moravian assembly approved a subsidy of CZK 18 million to fund regional libraries in 2023. Photo credit: JMK.

Brno, Dec 19 (BD) – On 15 December 2022, South Moravian regional councillors approved subsidies in the field of culture and heritage protection, including CZK 50,000  for the repair of the Route of Kings monument in the village of Skoronice and CZK 260,000 to restore the clay plastering of the unique barn in Hrubá Vrbka. 

The tradition of Skoronice’s “Route of Kings” dates back to 1896. It is commemorated by a permanent monument in the centre of the village, where various cultural performances and programs take place. 

“Unfortunately, the monument is already in a state of disrepair,” said František Lukl, regional deputy governor for culture and conservation. “The surface of the relief is corroded and in danger of falling apart. The municipality would like to reconstruct it on the occasion of its 700th anniversary celebrations, and I am very happy that we can support them in this.” 

At the same time, the assembly approved a subsidy of CZK 18 million to fund regional library operations in 2023, to be divided between the Moravian Regional Library in Brno and seven other libraries around South Moravia. The Institute of Archaeological Heritage Care in Brno will also receive more than CZK 8 million.

Other projects aimed at preserving tangible cultural heritage will receive a total of CZK 940,000: a monument to the poet Jan Skácel in Vnorovy, the restoration of the historic tobacco drying plant in Kozojidky, the repair of the Baroque granary in Miroslav, and the new roof of the Church of St Bartholomew in Žďárna.

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