European Mobility Week at Brno Exhibition Centre: Transport Innovation, Sustainability, and Smart Cities

The European Urban Mobility Days event at the Brno Exhibition Centre will be held in conjunction with the Urbis Smart City Fair and Future Mobility. Photo Credit: Freepik.

Brno, Sept. 19 (BD) – From 20 to 22 September, the Brno Exhibition Centre will host the Urbis Smart City trade fair and the new Future Mobility project focusing on transport innovation. The Urbis Smart City and Future Mobility events are integrated into the European Mobility Days and are primarily aimed at representatives of municipalities and all those involved in the transport sector, but also aim to raise awareness of environmental and social responsibility issues.

The exhibitions from the city of Brno and other municipal companies will offer applied smart solutions, such as an intersection controlled by a smart traffic system or an app that informs citizens about the cleanliness of city blocks. “Other displays in Hall A1 will mainly show software solutions, including applications for public participation in decision-making processes. An interesting diversification will be the Demo City in front of Hall A1, which will introduce smart solutions in practice,” said project director Petr Maliňák.

There will be dozens of free workshops, and free lectures open to all. On Wednesday morning, the main conference on the central stage will be ‘Current Trends and Challenges in Urban Intelligent Mobility’. The lectures will cover, among other things, the current energy crisis and intelligent solutions for municipalities and cities, the Ministry of the Environment’s projects for local administrations, and other topics whose common denominator is sustainability. 

“Being Smart for the city does not only mean technological tools, but above all a change in attitude. Smart planning, support and connection between the city’s various actors, openness and sustainability. A process aimed at improving the quality of life for all inhabitants. Much of this will be on display at the fifth Urbis event, to which I would like to invite everyone,’ added 2nd Deputy Mayor of Brno, Tomáš Koláčný. 

This will be the first exhibition for the Future Mobility project, which will bring cargo bikes, a last-mile delivery robot, electric vehicles and digital transport solutions to the city’s exhibition centre. “The Future Mobility project presents the future of transport in cities,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. “This is based on clean driving, sharing, automation and digital technologies. City residents can then look forward to significantly reduced emissions, shorter journey times, greater comfort and safety during travel, and less dependence on the human factor. The public will be able to learn about them on Thursday on Clean Mobility Day.” 

“Future Mobility brings a new technological theme to the calendar of the Brno Exhibition Centre,” added Petr Kratochvíl, Brno City Councillor for Transport. “We are proud that institutions and companies based in Brno have participated in the development of the autonomous minibus that will be in operation at the exhibition centre. Brno Communications will build the Demo City at the exhibition centre to demonstrate the intelligent intersection of technology and environment. We are looking forward to three days that will show us the future.” Future Mobility also includes an Ideathon, where students and professionals will look for new solutions for public transport. 

On Thursday 22 September, the Clean Mobility Day will be held at the Exhibition Centre for the general public and admission will be free on this day. People will learn about future transport in a fun way: cargo bike races will take place and visitors can try out a scooter obstacle course or take a ride in an electric car. 

Special guided tours of the exhibition centre by bicycle or scooter are also available. The free tours will take place from 1pm to 3.30pm, and due to limited capacity, it is necessary to register on the website

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