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EU’s Sanctions On Russia Hit Three Individuals and 18 Firms in the Czech Republic

European sanctions on Russia also affect the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: JMK

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – The European sanctions imposed over the Russian invasion of Ukraine have so far affected three individuals and 18 corporations in the Czech Republic, according to reports from Seznam Zpravy, citing the Financial Analytical Office (FAU).

FAU has not elaborated on the issue. Last week, FAU director Jiri Hylmar estimated, in an interview with Seznam Zpravy, that his office has frozen Russian property worth up to CZK 10 billion.

“These are steps taken within the sanctions adopted from the start of the war on 24 February until 19 August, by which FAU took preliminary measures or froze assets,” FAU told Seznam Zpravy.

In the Czech Republic, a publicly known case is the freezing of the Westend hotel in Marianske Lazne, west Bohemia, which was controlled by Alexander Pumpyanskiy, a Russian oligarch added to the list of those sanctioned.

According to media information, the sanctions in the Czech Republic have also hit Russian deputies Lev Kovpak and Andrei Trifonov.

A total of 1,229 names of individuals and 110 corporations appear on the European sanctions list. Besides Russians and Russian firms, the list includes some Belarusian entities and also Jozef Hambalek, a Slovak national from the pro-Putin Night Wolves motorcycle club.

Based on the EU directive, the sanctioned individuals and companies should see all their finances and economic resources frozen. This concerns assets including real estate, bank accounts and stakes in companies.

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