Czech Median Wage Rises 6% In One Year

The median monthly wage last year rose by about 6% to CZK 35,169, standing at CZK 37,070 for men, and CZK 32,800 for women, according to the data published this week by the Czech Statistical Office. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, 25 May (BD) – The median wage marks the 50th percentile, dividing employees into two equal parts with lower and higher wages, but two-thirds of employees are paid less than the mean average wage. Just under 3% of employees had a monthly salary of over CZK 100,000 last year.

The data also show that 5% of men had a monthly salary of less than CZK 17,806 last year, while for women this figure was CZK 17,481. On the other hand, the highest paid 5% of men earned more than CZK 90,867, and the highest paid 5% of women CZK 69,882. Among all employees, 2.72% received a salary of over CZK 100,000, including 3.87% of men and 1.33% of women.

The survey published by CSZO contains a detailed breakdown of data on wages, by gender, age, education and employment. The data are also useful to show the disparity between the rich and poor and the gender pay gap in employment. The research contains data on all components of gross earnings as well as personnel data on employees. “The CZSO thus obtains very detailed statistics, which serve for detailed analysis of the labour market and its development,” the statistics said.

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