Brno Slovak Days Highlight Fruitful Cooperation Between Moravian and Slovak Capitals

The decade-long partnership between Brno and Bratislava will be commemorated in May with a series of events, including a literary evening with Slovak authors, a folklore performance at the Jiří Mahen Library, and a lecture by the Slovak Community in Brno about the writer Pavel Országh Hviezdoslav. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova, Brno

Brno, 10 May (BD) –  The Brno Slovak Days start on 10 May with a literary evening at Skleněna louka, where Laco Kerata and Marek Vadas will introduce themselves to the Czech public. The savings bank building on Jánská and Kino Art will both host displays of “art brut”, works of art created by people with mental health problems or disorders in Brno or Bratislava. 

There will also be a symbolic taste of Slovak folklore and a real tasting of Slovak cuisine. The Slovak Days will close with a literary evening at the Jiří Mahen Library on Kobližná, where a Slovak poet of the younger generation, Michal Tallo, will perform.

Ten years of sharing and inspiration

The partnership between Brno and Bratislava, confirmed by a cooperation agreement in May 2012, opened up opportunities to share various examples of good practice. In Bratislava, they took up the idea of ​​RE-USE centers from Brno, where people hand over older but still functional furniture and household equipment, and other people choose what they need. 

Meanwhile, Brno representatives visited Bratislava to see how the Slovak capital handles parking and bike sharing, security in the city, and care for the elderly. As the cities are of similar size, and have similar historical and social experience, they can also successfully share knowledge in the field of local government. A representative for Bratislava City Council said: “Cooperation with Brno is currently the most active and practically usable within the framework of international cooperation in Bratislava.” 

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During their ten years of collaboration, both city representatives visited each other to see how they were handling whether parking and bike sharing, security in the city, or care for the elderly. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova, Brno

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