New Pump Track Opens Today Close To Bystrc Dirt Park, Funded By Brno’s Participatory Budget

The Pump Track project, which was selected in 2018 by Brno residents as part of the participatory budgeting scheme, Dame na vas, will open today at 3:30pm. Built close to the Bystrc dirt park between Štouračová and the Pekárna Nature Reserve, it is available for use for all athletes from small children to experienced riders. The track is multi-purpose, and suitable for cycling, skateboarding, in-line skating, scooters or children’s bouncers.  Photo credit: Brno City Municipality

Brno, 29 April (BD) –  As part of the project, the track was modelled, asphalt was laid, benches, bicycle stands and waste bins were added, and trees and shrubs were also planted. The track consists of bumps and tilted turns, and the rider moves by so-called pumping. Pumptrack riding is easy and even a complete beginner can handle it. At the same time, more experienced riders can also improve their technique and physical condition at the track. The pump track will be suitable for cycling, skateboarding, in-line skating, scooters or children’s bouncers.

Having been selected by public vote in 2018, CZK 3.588 million was allocated to the project from the city budget. The realization began with the work of clay. The entire track was first to be “modelled” and covered with a thin layer of asphalt on the compacted soil. The terrain around the track was adjusted with the creation of a rest zone, where visitors can sit and relax, while their children fly around the pump track.

More information on the project is available here.

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