Bees To Brno: New Environmental Project Launched Last Wednesday

Beautiful spring days are coming to Brno and so are the bees! The “Bees to Brno” project aims to raise awareness of beekeeping and the benefits of bees, as well as seeing beehives placed around the city. The project, funded by the participatory budgeting initiative, Dáme na vás (“We Give to You”), was launched on Wednesday 13 April. Photo credit : Sefora S. / Brno Daily

Brno, April 15th (BD) – The “Bees to Brno” project was submitted by Petra Ventrubová for the 2020 round of the participatory budgeting initiative, with the aim of establishing urban beehives in Brno, raising awareness of the importance of bees for humans and promoting the diversity of Brno’s flora. The project came in 4th place in the citywide vote, with 3,240 votes.

The project includes all parts of the city, from the famous landmarks of Spilberk Castle and Luzanky Park, to sites out of the city centre such as Brno-Medlanky. The project also includes  educational areas, water features, and the planting of pollinator plants in Spilberk and Luzanky.

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“With this project, I would like to raise awareness of the issue of keeping bees and their importance for humans and the environment,” said Petra Ventrubová, who proposed the project. “The hives can serve as a trial hive for someone who wants to start beekeeping, and as a means to spread awareness in society about the value that bees bring.” Photo credit: Sefora S. / Brno Daily

“I am glad that the Dáme na vás participatory budgeting project is being used to implement such educational and environmentally beneficial projects,” said Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), 2nd Deputy Mayor of Brno. “The project will include several studies, the purchase and deployment of more than ten beehives and almost 40 homes for solitary bees and bumblebees, the purchase of beekeepers’ tools, professional seminars, events for children and the purchase of educational panels and publications.”

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