Police Respond To Strong Winds Hitting Brno

By noon on Sunday, the police had received more than two dozen calls related to the strong winds, most often about fallen trees, fencing, or fear of possible damage to vehicles parked near trees. Credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 31 (BD) – In the morning, the police were called to Bzenecká, where a metal cornice about four metres long and one metre wide came loose from an eleven-storey apartment building, and was threatening to come adrift and fall down onto the sidewalk due to the strong wind. The police immediately called firefighters and contacted the owners of vehicles parked in the adjacent parking lot to ask them to move them, to make space for the arrival of fire equipment. The fire brigade and city police patrol ensured that no passers-by entered the dangerous area.

The netting surrounding the ongoing construction then crashed into the road on Vídeňská due to the strong winds. The police removed the steel fence from the road and notified the construction manager. Fortunately, there were no car accidents or other damage, due to the quick intervention.

In Pisárky, the city police removed an uprooted tree from the road. The police directed the traffic on Korejská for less than an hour, where a large coniferous tree had fallen on an overhead line.

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