Activists Make The Fountains of Brno Run Red In Protest At Arms Fair

The IDET international defense fair began yesterday in Brno. Young activists protested by turning fountains in Náměstí Svobody and in front of the Janáček theater red, to signify blood. Photo Title: Fountain in front of the Janáček theater, in Moravské náměstí. GM / Brno Daily.

Brno, Oct 7 (BD) –  The IDET International Defense and Security Technology Fair started yesterday in Brno, accompanied by protests from activists.

Launching the event, politicians and the general manager of the fair celebrated the key role of the police in the pandemic. “The crucial role of our security, military and relief forces in helping manage the global crisis has been demonstrated,” said Defense Minister Lubomír Metnar.

Red traces in the fountain in Náměstí Svobody, to signify blood. Credit GM / BD.

Meanwhile, in Brno, activists protested by coloring the water from the fountains in the center of Brno red, that is, the color of blood, focusing attention on the use and trade of arms, and expressing opposition against the sale of arms to dictatorial regimes.

Photos were sent anonymously to ČTK with a message saying that Brno is no longer “able to witness the trade of death, which takes place regularly at the Brno Exhibition Center”, and therefore the fountains “shed tears of blood”.

In addition to the blood red that stained the structures, both fountains bore banners with the inscription “IDET Brno” stained with blood.

Fountain in front of the Janáček theater in Moravské náměstí. Credit: GM / BD.

Jozef Kasala, the director of public parks in the City of Brno, estimated that the damage to the fountains in Náměstí Svobody and in front of the Janáček theater in Moravské náměstí will be around CZK 10,000. It will be necessary to drain the water from the systems of both fountains, a total of 70 cubic meters, followed by cleaning and then refilling the tanks.

The damage to the fountains will be around CZK 10,000. Credit GM / BD.

Protests also took place at the Brno Exhibition Center, with graffiti on the sidewalk in front of the fair, such as “Death Fair”, “Brno eludes death” and “No weapons for dictators”.

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