Latest Edition of KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno Out Now!

WHERE in Brno in June? The latest edition of the cultural magazine KAM v Brně (WHERE in Brno), with its dedicated English section at the back, is full of tips for what to do this month! Image: KAM v Brně/yvans.

Brno, June 1 (BD) –What to do in Brno in June? Go to a restaurant! Go see a play or a movie! Attend a concert! It’s all back, thank god! We recommend checking out the new edition of WHERE, with a dedicated English section at the back of the magazine – as well as the best tips on what to do in your free time.

In this month’s edition of WHERE you will also find a feature article, “Parks in Brno”, about places in the city where you can relax on the grass, do sport, and many other things. An interview with top Czech writer Alena Mornštajnová could be great practice if you are learning Czech.

Where to find WHERE? Not all the regular ways of distribution are possible now, so we recommend subscribing. Want to support the creators of the magazine? You can have KAM v Brne/WHERE in Brno delivered straight to your mailbox every month. Get a subscription at or by sending an email to

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