Moravské Náměstí To Undergo Full Reconstruction

The Brno-střed city district has carried out an architectural and landscaping competition to choose a design for a new park on Moravské náměstí. There were two dozen projects entered, from which the jury selected an entry from Consequence forma architects. Visualisation source: MMB.

Brno, Apr 9 (BD) – The planned reconstruction of the area includes the layout of paths, benches, fountains and greenery and the addition of a café.

The café – with public toilets – is an essential element of the redesign, and its proposed location is in the northern part of the park oriented towards the city and the centre of the park. According to the preliminary plan, reconstruction work on the square will not start earlier than next year.

Visualisation of the future ‘Moravák’. Source: MMB.

The park will be partially protected from the busy street by the cafe. The building and terrace have an area of 666 m². The current area of urban greenery in Moravské náměstí is 19,271 m². To reconstruct the square following the winning proposal, counsellors have recommended that the city council approve an exemption from the Greenery Decree, at the request of the Brno-střed city district. 

Visualisation. Source: MMB.

The reconstruction of the park and construction of the cafe will respect the mature trees. The roof of the café is built into the park so that the trees can pass through the circular openings in two places and create a unique space.

Moravske namesti last summer. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

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