Brno Zoo Reports a Record Number of Visitors in 2018

Visitors to Brno Zoo will see several new species in the coming months. Photo: Arctic fox. Credit: Brno Zoo.

Brno, Jan 8 (BD) –  “We know from feedback from visitors that the biggest attraction was the lion cubs born at the end of 2017. New exhibitions completed in recent years also played a significant role. One important factor that has an impact on the number of visitors is the weather. This was particularly in our favour in the spring, but in the summer, especially August, the heat resulted in a below average number of visitors in the second half of the holiday, ” commented Martin Hovorka, Director of Brno Zoo.

Photo: Lion cubs Anoona and Akashing. Credit: Brno Zoo.

“We welcomed 330,118 visitors to Brno Zoo this year. The highest number came in April (56,021), which saw the fourth best monthly attendance since 1997. More than 52,000 people visited in July, but traffic dropped significantly in August compared to the previous season; just over 41,000 people came, almost 12,000 less than in 2017,” said Brno Zoo spokesman Michal Vaňáč.

In 2019, the zoo is preparing several new attractions. Visitors to Brno Zoo will see several new species in the coming months, including Korsak (Vulpes corsac), McCord’s longhorn (Chelodina mccordi), and a shark (Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum).

See the photo gallery. Source: Brno Zoo.

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