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In Photos: Dozens of People Celebrated the International Day of Silly Walks in Brno with… Silly Walks!

Today, Monty Python fans in Brno celebrated the 8th International Silly Walks Day with… what else!? A silly walk! Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Jan 7 (BD) – This afternoon in Brno, dozens of people participated in an event entitled “Švihlý pochod městem Brnem”, organised by Adam Jandora, Deputy of the Left Leg Department of the Ministry of Silly Walks; and Dan Mašek, Secretary of the Government Committee for the National Silly Walk Integration.

Adam Jandora explained the event background to the media: “The Ministry of Silly Walks is in a desperate financial situation. We do not receive any allowances from the state budget for joint reimbursements, and as a result, our employees are leaving for health reasons. We have to do silly walks to raise public awareness of this problem. Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, mankind will only walk normally. And the Ministry of Silly Walks cannot allow it!”

See the photo gallery. Credit: Casadei Graphics.

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The 1970 Monty Python skit “The Ministry of Silly Walks” has become an iconic cult sketch for many. In Eindhoven a Silly Walk Tunnel was opened, encouraging people to copy John Cleese’s legendary moves; in Spijkenisse, the local council replaced the road-crossing sign with a sign inviting people to do a “Silly Walk” when they cross the street. The Ministry of Silly Walks even has its own mobile game.

Watch the video from Brno. January 7, 2019.

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